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Snails with muscle and spinach sauce

Snails with muscle and spinach sauce

From the cycle "Nothing is lost, everything is transformed". I was out of stock from the day before with a very good low spinach, only it didn't go so empty. I thought it would be great as a sauce next to quality pasta and some more meat. The final preparation was very tasty and good-looking. Snail pasta is a huge shellfish pasta, I like it because it "hides" a sauce well.

  • 500 gr pork tenderloin
  • 500 gr spinach
  • 500 ml of milk
  • 250 gr snails [[large shell pasta]
  • 100 ml vegetable oil
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
  • 2 green onions
  • 6 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 red pepper
  • 1/2 yellow pepper
  • 1 nutmeg knife tip
  • fulgi chili
  • salt

Servings: 3

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Snails with muscle and spinach sauce:

The pork tenderloin is sliced ​​and fried in half the oil.

Washed and diced peppers are added to the muscle and leave for a few minutes until they penetrate. Salt and second with chili flakes.

Boil the pasta in plenty of boiling salted water following the instructions on the bag. Drain the pasta.

Onions and garlic are sliced ​​and fried very easily in the remaining oil. Put the flour, mix and gently pour the milk, stirring. Add the washed spinach and blend with the vertical hand mixer.

Give the final taste to the spinach by adding nutmeg, parmesan and salt. Mix in the spinach the sauce from frying the meat.

Serve the pasta covered in abundance with the spinach sauce and the fried muscle on top.


Salmon, as the main source of healthy Omega 3 fats, is among everyone's preferences especially due to the benefits recognized by its nutritional qualities for the body, but also the very versatile way of cooking from laying, grilling or baking, or steamed or rolled up.

I chose a recipe for today, I say quite easy, with steamed salmon slices with broccoli and spinach puree that you can prepare at any time, especially if you have a steamer on hand (I am very excited about the one from Philips that I have for a long time and resists heroically).

What can you replace a steamer with ?!

If you do not have such a special appliance for steam cooking, there is no end of the country. Use a pot of hot water in which you place a strainer or a sieve where to put the fish, without reaching the level of hot water, and cover it with a lid. This technique of using steam emanating from hot water can be used both on the stove and in the oven and is a fast and very healthy cooking method that ensures a preservation of the nutritional properties, but also of the tenderness and taste as delicate and original as possible. , whether it's fish, as in my case, chicken or fresh vegetables, but also rice not missing from this recipe.


  • 2 pcs. salmon medallion
  • spices for fish
  • 3-4 bouquets of broccoli
  • a handful of spinach
  • 2 carrots
  • 125 gr. basmati rice
  • 1 lemon
  • 50 ml. cooking cream
  • salt and pepper to taste

Preparation method:

1 Start with a warm pan with water in which you boil the basmati rice, then continue with the preparation of the salmon medallions for which you need a knife with a longer and thin blade quite flexible. Detach the bone part from the inside of the medallion by letting the blade of the knife slide lightly along the spine with the large bones to the center where the thicker bone is, then carefully remove it using a kitchen scissors.

7 ideas for fasting recipes for dinner

If you read our article with fasting recipes for lunch, you probably already have some recipe ideas that can be eaten for dinner. But it never spoils more! In this article we have compiled a list of 7 light recipes that do not contain foods of animal origin, which makes them perfect for the fasting period.

Vegetable tofu kebab with onion sauce

A national delicacy from Turkey and loved all over the world, kebab is a dish that contains meat, but which can be adapted to meet the needs of those who fast or follow a vegan diet and want to prepare a main course easier, but just as tasty. We offer you an original tofu kebab recipe with an onion sauce and peanut butter, for a slightly sweet-sour taste.

Cauliflower steak

We usually associate the word "steak" with meat, of all kinds, by no means with cauliflower. But anything is possible when you are motivated to eat as healthy as possible. Fortunately, we have Daniela Dan, chef of Sano Vita, who manages to create the most unique recipes that we can share, later, with you. And the cauliflower steak recipe is really interesting!

Tofu with sweet and sour sauce

Tofu is one of the established stars of the post. If you want a main course or even a snack full of flavor, we recommend this tofu recipe with sweet and sour sauce. You will get a dish with a special and balanced taste, thanks to the sweetness of pineapple, apricot paste and honey, which perfectly compliments the sour taste of rice vinegar or the slightly spicy taste of garlic, ginger and hot pepper.

Carrot and tofu meatballs

Crispy on the outside and tender, fluffy on the inside - regardless of the recipe and ingredients, it's impossible not to like meatballs! Whether you want to eat them with puree or use them as an appetizer, or "steal" them from the fridge at will, meatballs are suitable in any situation. And the ones with carrot and tofu are - modestly said - tasty and very healthy. We can't wait to try them.

Pumpkin pasta

This pumpkin pasta recipe takes advantage of spring and summer vegetables to create a delicious main course, full of fiber, vitamins and minerals, which can be a perfect lunch, dinner or work package! The mixture of short wholemeal pasta, cherry tomatoes, sliced ​​pumpkin and freshly prepared pesto sauce is extremely successful, invigorating and flavorful. Pumpkin pasta is prepared quickly, easily and will reach the whole family.

Greek chickpea salad

Salads and dinner are best friends and everyone knows it. We offer you an at least as tasty alternative to the classic Greek salad, which will remind you of the long walks on the beaches of the Aegean Sea. Let's not forget that it is also easy to do. What are you waiting for? Start the playlist for cooking and let's get to work!

Chickpea, coconut and spinach

Chickpeas, coconut and spinach - this is not a combination you usually make when cooking. We understand you, it sounds strange, but after tasting the recipe created by chef Daniela Dan, I knew we had to show it to you. Tasty, healthy and full! After trying it, we suggest you make a recipe with three main ingredients that you can find around the house. Tell us how it turned out.

Which of these recipes sounds best? Not only do you almost forget they are fasting, you don't even know which one to cook first! With the right recipes, vegetable food can be more delicious than we imagine. All we have to do is try it. Who knows where a new favorite recipe might come from?

In a pot with a capacity of 1.5 l, bring water (1 l) to a boil together with a pinch of salt.

Spinach (if it will be frozen, it will be put in boiling water directly from the bag, without being thawed, and if fresh spinach is used, then it will be cleaned of stalks, washed very well, then boiled) it is boiled for approx. 15-20 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a small Teflon pan with oil when heated, it will set onion cleaned and finely chopped (sauteed) about 2-3 minutes.

Garlic it will be cut into slices and added at the end (for flavor).

Spinach boiled, it will drain in a strainer (possibly you can keep 1 cup of juice), and will be transferred to the blender to mix (3-4 minutes), together with onion saute, until it becomes a piure cremos.

In the same pan where the onion was sautéed, transfer it spinach puree, adding corn starch (or boiled and grated potato on a small grater), letting it boil in two or two, thus becoming more viscous and thick (because it is used as a dish, not as a garnish).

Spinach puree will season to taste with salt and pepper.

Being a fasting food, spinach puree will be consumed with toast or toasted bread croutons in the oven or in a Teflon pan.

Candy in a calendar box

Chocolate fruit bouquet

Chocolate Basket

Box of 4 chocolate hearts

Tricks and ideas

Spinach it can be served with mashed potatoes and a fresh mushroom sauce, thus becoming a more consistent lunch for fasting days.

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Wash the fresh spinach well. Put the water to boil in a 3 l pot, add 1 tablespoon of salt, and when it starts to boil we put the spinach leaves. If they do not fit all at once, we put them in 2 tranches.

Immerse them for 2-3 minutes with a spatula, then take them out in a juicer. After they have cooled a bit, chop them with a knife, or in a blender if we want the spinach sauce to be fine.

◊ If we use frozen spinach, take it out of the freezer and let it thaw for about 3-4 hours.

Finely chop the garlic and put it in a pan over low heat, along with the olive oil and butter.

◊ Do not heat the oil before, let it heat up gradually, together with the garlic and butter.

Let it simmer for 1 minute, taking care not to burn the garlic, because it will have a bitter taste. Put the flour and mix quickly until it gets wet and starts to gather.

Pour the warm milk little by little, stirring constantly, until everything binds like a sauce.

Add the chopped spinach to the sauce formed, incorporate it well and let it cook for 5 minutes, over low heat, so that it doesn't stick.

◊ If we think the mixture is too thick, add a little warm milk.

Add sour cream, pepper, salt, mix again and let everything simmer for 2-3 minutes.