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Salumeria 104: Bringing Northern Italian Charm to Midtown Miami

Salumeria 104: Bringing Northern Italian Charm to Midtown Miami

Bringing Northern Italian Charm to Midtown Miami

While some Italian restaurants are highly recommended in Miami, it can be difficult to find one that authentically embodies the traditional Italian trattoria. Enter Salumeria 104. This restaurant might have a cozy Italian feel, but its menu provides a wide variety of classic Italian eats that will have guests feel like they are actually dining in Italy instead of the bustling Miami neighborhood.

While Salumeria 104 is not only a wonderful environment, its menu gives guests a wide selection of traditional Italian dishes. For example, some favorites include homemade ricotta cheese cavatelli pasta with tomato sauce and basil, prosciutto and ricotta filled ravioli, or eggplant parmagiana. However, they do feed into the exotic Miami tastes as well, providing dishes like rabbit with artichokes and olives, and roasted quail with rice and oyster mushrooms. Regardless, the menu has so many options that all food lovers can find something to enjoy.

And that’s not all they can do. They were featured at the Miami Culinary Institute as a great example of how to bring authentic yet tastefully crafted Italian cuisine to the Miami area. However, there’s no stopping the greatness of Salumeria 104’s genuinely perfect Italian meals, so go check it out!

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