Traditional recipes

Rose vinegar

Rose vinegar

Rose petals shake well from impurities and debris. Break the white part of the petals only if they taste bitter (taste without care) and if you like you use them completely.

Put the rose petals in a clean jar and pour enough vinegar to cover them. We leave for a few minutes and then compete if the petals are not contained.

We put the lid on and keep it in a dark place, at room temperature, for 2 weeks, so not in the sunlight.

After a few hours the color of the vinegar will be a very pleasant pink.

After two weeks, filter and store in the refrigerator, but consume and use only at room temperature.

If you want a more concentrated vinegar, after filtration add other fresh rose petals and follow the same steps (soaking 2 weeks at room temperature, filtering, keeping cold). I did the short method and I was very happy with the result.

We use it for seasonal salads, but it is also very good for skin care, giving it firmness and suppleness (we always use it diluted with water), hair care acting as a conditioner (also, it is used only diluted), it is a remedy for headaches. , fever, rheumatic pain, nausea, etc. It has a deodorizing and disinfecting effect (it is also used diluted as a mouthwash).