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Honeycomb with cocoa and walnut

Honeycomb with cocoa and walnut


In a saucepan dilute the starch with a little milk. Add the yolks, sugar, essence, cocoa and the rest of the milk, mix and boil until thickened. Allow to cool, then incorporate the soft butter, little by little, at the end adding the ground walnuts.

It took:

Beat eggs with sugar and salt powder, then add the other ingredients and mix.

Grease the honeycomb shape with oil and heat it on the stove flame. Put two teaspoons of dough in the form and bake on both sides. Do this until the dough is finished. Meanwhile, the honeycombs formed can be filled with cream.

Cozonac with nuts and cocoa

The cake from Armand Confectionery is prepared according to a traditional Romanian recipe, with a well-leavened dough and a composition rich in walnut and cocoa pieces.
We know that the freshness and quality of the cake are essential criteria for your choice. Therefore, we make sure that our products contain natural ingredients and are always at your disposal, because we know that you want to remember the taste of these desserts prepared at home.

Rolls with walnuts and cocoa

In a bowl, add flour, yeast, egg yolks, vanilla sugar, lemon peel, salt and warm milk in which we dissolve the sugar. It is very important that all the ingredients are at room temperature. It is recommended to take them out a few hours before you start preparing these delicious walnut and cocoa rolls.

Mix everything very well and then start kneading until the flour is very well incorporated. Then, add the melted butter, little by little and continue to knead until it is incorporated into the dough, and the dough will come off the bowl and will be slightly sticky. Shape it into a ball, cover it with cling film and let it grow in a warm place for 50 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling. Grind the walnuts and place them in a bowl. Make sure the butter is at room temperature.

In a bowl, add the butter, powdered sugar and vanilla sugar and mix well or until the mixture is like a cream. Then add the cocoa and ground walnuts and mix again. Put the filling aside and take care of the syrup.

Put a bowl on the fire in which you add the milk and sugar and mix with a whisk. Bring to a boil until the sugar is melted. When the milk has started to boil and the sugar has completely melted, the syrup is ready. Turn off the heat and allow the syrup to reach room temperature.

When the dough has risen, sprinkle the flour on the worktop, turn the dough over, sprinkle the flour on top, flatten it slightly and then spread it with a rolling pin. After you have spread it very well, add the denuca filling and cocoa, which you level on the whole surface of the dough. After you have spread the filling, roll as straight as you can so that you get a roll.

Moldovan cake with walnuts and cocoa

The yolks are mixed with salt and kept warm (moderate temperature). The walnut kernel is chosen from impurities and crushed with a rolling pin. The yeast is mixed with 10 g of sugar until a fluid composition is obtained, after which it is dissolved in 75 ml of warm milk, gradually adding 100 g of flour. Thus, the mayonnaise is obtained, over which a little flour is powdered and left to rise, at a temperature of about 35-40 degrees C, until it increases its volume 2-3 times. In hot milk (70 ml) gradually add flour (40 g) m, stirring constantly so as not to form lumps. The obtained composition is allowed to cool to a temperature of 35-40 degrees C.

Separately, in the warm milk (25 ml) dissolve the sugar, add the yolks, lemon peel, rum essence, vanilla sugar and mix until smooth. It is then mixed with mayonnaise and scalded composition, gradually adding 450 g of flour and fat (butter and oil) heated to a temperature of 35-40 degrees C, walnut kernel, cocoa and knead until air bubbles appear on the surface, and the dough is detaches from the walls of the vessel.

After kneading, grease the dough on the surface with oil, grease the walls of the bowl and leave it to rise in the hot covered bowl for more than an hour. During the leavening, the dough is refracted 2-3 times by inserting its edge inwards. After the dough has risen, portion it into one or two equal balls, depending on the size of the shapes. Each ball is divided into two pieces that are modeled on a board greased with oil in rolls of the length of the shapes with a diameter of 5-6 cm, which are then woven in two and placed in the shapes greased with margarine and lined with sugar. The woven rolls are placed in the tray and left to cool. When the cozonacs have risen, grease them with yolk and place them in the oven for baking. At first, bake at a lower temp, for 10-15 minutes, to increase the cake, then at a higher temperature to brown the surfaces, then reduce the temperature to achieve uniform baking. Bake for almost an hour, then remove the trays from the oven, cool a bit, then remove the cakes from the molds and place on one side, on a table, with clean white paper, until cool.

a fasting cake with cocoa and nuts so fluffy, fragrant and delicious if you find more. The recipe is very easy and extremely fast.

Fasting check with cocoa and nuts it is also ideal for those who have chosen a vegan lifestyle.

In general, fasting cakes do not need much time for the preparation stages. Not having in the composition eggs that have to be mixed until they increase their volume, they are only made by mixing the solid ingredients with the liquid ones in the same bowl.

In order for a cake / fasting cake to be loose, baking powder is used as a growth agent.

In the case of gingerbread, it is not necessary to use baking powder if the egg whites are mixed long enough to become a hard foam, which will ensure the loosening and growth of the countertops.

This recipe fasting cake with cocoa and walnuts it will be easily remembered. Figure 3 is repetitive for the most important quantities: flour, vegetable milk, cocoa.

I used soy vegetable milk, but can also be replaced by rice milk with coconut, coconut milk, rice milk, millet milk. Use what you like best and what you have in the house. Of course, you can add water, but in this case reduce the amount by 20 ml.

The consistency of the dough is quite thick, but in the end the dough is fluffy and delicious.

I provided the aroma of this fasting cake with cocoa and walnuts using orange peel powder (it can also be freshly peeled orange peel), rum essence and cinnamon. I often use cinnamon next to black cocoa powder to soften its strong taste.

a fasting cake with cocoa and nuts does not use complicated ingredients, we find them all in the supermarket on the corner of the block.

It is also ideal for people who have chosen a vegetarian / vegan lifestyle, giving up eggs, milk and meat.

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The most sought after and most appreciated fasting cake recipe is the one with shaved apples and raisins, followed by the apple biscuit cake recipe. You can find all the cake recipes in this post.

I now let you see what are the necessary ingredients and how to prepare for fasting cake with cocoa and nuts.


30 g black cocoa powder

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder

1 teaspoon orange peel powder (orange peel / orange essence)

1 teaspoon rum (free rom)

2 tablespoons oil for wallpaper form

3 tablespoons flour for wallpaper form

For optional decor & # 8211:

I put all the solid ingredients in a large bowl. In another bowl I poured soy milk with oil and rum (rum essence).

I left in the picture the vegetable milk that I usually use not to advertise it, but because I received a lot of questions about the vegetable milk I used.

I wait for the periods when Bio Mania has discounts and then I stock up on a larger stock.

I mixed each bowl separately until the compositions were homogenous, then I poured the liquid ingredients over the solid ones and I mixed the final composition very well. I added half the amount of nuts to the dough.

Wallpaper the form with oil and flour, then pour the dough in 3 steps. After covering the bottom of the form, sprinkle a part of the preserved chopped walnut, we put another layer of dough, over which we sprinkle the rest of the remaining walnut. Cover with the last layer of dough.

Bake the fasting cake with cocoa and nuts for 30-35 minutes in the preheated oven at 180 ° C, then let it cool for the first 15 minutes in the pan. If the wallpaper was made evenly, the cake will be easily overturned. You can slice the shape of a table cake, from about 5 cm. At this moment, the cake comes off the bottom of the tray, but also from the wavy edges.

When I took the cake out of the oven, I put the sugar with 20 ml of water in a saucepan and left it on the fire until it caramelized. I took the pot off the heat, put the rest of the water and turned the pot on the fire, stirring to dissolve the crystallized sugar.

I greased the cake with this thick sauce, then I glued chopped walnuts mixed with cinnamon and powdered sugar.

When it cooled completely I cut the cake. I liked the fluffy and fragrant slice full of walnut pieces.

I hope you like it as much as I liked it.

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Walnut and cocoa cake is the cake I adore and prepare whenever I feel like something with walnuts.

(For a cake with a diameter of 18cm)

For the countertop:
4 eggs
100 g sugar
2 tablespoons boiling water
2 tablespoons oil
75 g flour
75 g nut
1 tablespoon black cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon free of rum
1 pinch of salt
1 teaspoon baking powder

For the cream:
100 g sugar cough
80 ml water
4 yolks
100 g butter
50 g powdered sugar
10 g black cocoa
3-4 drops of rum essence
100 g whipped cream
30 g mascarpone
180 g ground walnuts

For decoration:
100 g melted chocolate
50 g whipped cream
ground walnut
whole nuts

To prepare the top, mix the yolks with the sugar until they become a light foam.

Put the oil and boiling water in turn, mixing well after each ingredient. Then add the flour (mixed with baking powder and cocoa) and mix until the composition is homogeneous, then add the ground walnuts.

Beat the egg whites hard, like meringues, with a pinch of salt. Incorporate them into the yolk mixture, mixing lightly with a spoon or spatula. Pour the dough into a form with removable walls (lined with oil and flour) and bake the top in the preheated oven for about 35 minutes. We test with the toothpick to check if it is baked. Remove the countertop on a wire rack and let it cool.

During this time we prepare the walnut cream with cocoa: we boil the water with the sugar until it becomes a thick syrup. Remove from the heat and let it cool until warm. At this point add the yolks one by one, stirring constantly.

Boil the mixture in a bain-marie for about 10 minutes, stirring constantly, until it thickens like a cream. Remove from the heat and let cool. Incorporate the whipped butter with powdered sugar, rum essence and 10 g of black cocoa.
Add in turn the ground walnuts, mascarpone and whipped cream, mixing well after each ingredient. Leave the cream in the fridge for an hour and then assemble the cake.

We syrup the top cut into 3 equal parts, then we grease each top with cream, taking care to keep it for the cake decoration.

Regina Maria cake

I don't know where the name & # 8211 Regina Maria Cake comes from & # 8211 but I know I'm glad I tried it.

A taste of cake authentic homemade, a fine cake that I will definitely repeat on other occasions.

It looks sophisticated but it's not hard to do at all.

I love walnut cakes.

Ingredient Pajitura Regina Maria

Tray of 25 & # 21535 cm.

Vanilla top

  • 5 eggs
  • 100 g flour
  • 100 g sugar
  • 20 ml oil
  • a little salt
  • a sachet of vanilla sugar

Top with walnut

  • 6 egg whites (or 5 from large eggs)
  • 150 g ground walnuts (not very fine)
  • 120 g of sugar
  • 40 g of white flour
  • a little salt
  • 5-6 yolks
  • 180 g sugar
  • 30 g flour
  • 40 g cocoa
  • o lingurita esenta rom
  • 300 g butter or mascarpone & # 8211 is very good in both variants with butter cream will be firmer.

Preparation Regina Maria cake

Prepare the cream

Separate the egg whites from the yolks.

You will use the yolks for the cream, and the egg whites for the walnut top.

Put the yolks in a metal bowl and mix them on the steam bath with the sugar, until they have doubled in volume and the sugar has melted.

Mix the cocoa with the flour and gradually add them, mixing on a steam bath until the cream has the consistency of a pudding. Add the essence. Cool well by placing the bowl in another with cold water.

Mix the butter or mascarpone lightly, then add in 2-3 tranches the cocoa pudding, mixing until smooth, until the cream has a bound and firm consistency. I like to see if you want a sweeter cream, the recipe had 220 g of sugar, but I have less of an idea and I think that's enough. If you want sweeter, add sugar, but powder.

Prepare the vanilla top.

Separate the egg whites from the yolks.

Mix the egg whites with a little salt, then gradually add the sugar.

Mix the yolks well with the oil then add them, mixing lightly.

At the end, add the sifted flour, mix a little more at low speed.

Prepare an oven tray and line it with baking paper.

Pour the composition, level and put in the preheated oven at 175 degrees, for 15-20 minutes, until it is light, slightly browned.

Remove and leave to cool, then peel off the baking paper.

Prepare the walnut countertop.

Mix the egg whites with a little salt, then gradually add the sugar and mix until the composition is firm and the sugar is diluted.

Mix the flour with the walnuts and gradually incorporate them into the egg whites.

Prepare the tray in which you baked the first top, line it with baking paper and distribute, spoon by spoon, the composition.

Then level the tray in the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes until the top is golden / light brown.

Remove and leave to cool but do not peel off the baking paper.

  1. & # 8211 put the vanilla top, half of the cream, the walnut top and then the remaining cream
  2. & # 8211 cut the vanilla top into two slices, place a slice, then half of the cream, then the walnut top (with the top over the cream and gently peel off the paper), then the remaining cream and the second slice of the top and go to the preparation glazes.

I chose option 2, after previously removing the cream from the cold, I left it at room temperature and then assembled.

Prepare the icing by melting the chocolate on the steam bath together with the whipped cream, until smooth.

Walnut and cocoa cake

Top: 4 eggs, 100 g sugar, 2 tablespoons boiling water, 2 tablespoons oil, 75 g flour, 75 g walnuts, 1 tablespoon black cocoa powder, 1/2 teaspoon rum essence, 1 pinch salt, 1 teaspoon powder baking cream, Cream :, 100 gr caster sugar, 80 ml water, 4 yolks, 100 gr butter, 50 gr powdered sugar, 10 gr black cocoa, 3-4 drops rum essence, 100 gr whipped cream, 30 gr mascarpone, 180 gr ground walnut, Decor :, 100 gr melted chocolate, 50 gr whipped cream, ground walnut, whole walnuts

Difficulty: low | Time: not specified

Prepare the filling:

1. Beat the egg whites (without sugar, without anything else), until they become fluffy. Incorporate ground walnuts, cocoa and powdered sugar.

2. Divide the dough into 4 equal parts. On the top well greased with oil, spread 2 of the pieces in rectangles and grease them 1/2 of the composition. Roll each piece of dough, then knead them together.

3. Join the ends of the cake and move it to a pan greased with oil or butter. Do exactly the same with the remaining 2 pieces of dough and the other half of the filling. Grease the cakes with a yolk combined with 2 tablespoons of milk.

4. Let the two cakes rise for an hour, or until they double in volume. Once they have risen, grease them again with the yolk mixture, sprinkle them with sugar and bake them for 40-45 minutes, at 170 degrees, or until the cake without kneading passes the toothpick test.

Traditional cake with cocoa, walnuts and raisins

Mix the fresh yeast and sugar until you get a liquid paste. Dissolve it in slightly warm milk and add flour. We get a soft dough that we lightly powder with flour and leave it to ferment until it doubles in volume or the yeast has activated and has air bubbles.

For the dough:

Mix the yolks with the salt and leave the mixture for 10 minutes, to fix the pigment. Add the sugar and beat the composition until it becomes creamy and light in color.

Heat the milk slightly and add the lemon peel, orange peel and vanilla essence. (When I use citrus peel in recipes I buy organic fruit)

Put in a bowl sifted flour and pour in the middle the yolks beaten with sugar, mayonnaise, warm milk with flavors. Mix lightly until incorporated, then add the oil little by little, until it is completely incorporated into the dough. In the first phase, I prepare the dough in a bowl mixer, and then I finish the dough to be kneaded by hand.

Leave the dough covered, in a warm place, to double its volume. I usually leave it overnight.

For the filling:

Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt. When they start to make the first foam, add the sugar and beat them until they look shiny and the composition does not flow. Grind the walnuts and mix them with cocoa.

Pour in the beaten egg whites the mixture of cocoa, nuts and raisins. Mix everything until you get a thick cream. We line the trays for cakes with baking paper from the composition made, 3 medium cakes will come out.

Divide the dough raised into 3 equal parts. Grease the work table, facet and hands with a little oil. We take the first part of the dough and divide it in two, and we spread each part lightly. Grease them with the prepared filling and roll them tightly then weave the 2 rolls and arrange them in the tray. Do the same with the rest of the dough. Let the trays ferment again in a warm place, until they double in volume.

Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius. Grease the cozonacs on the surface with beaten egg and bake them for 45-50 minutes. After 25 minutes, cover them with aluminum foil, so that they don't burn on top.

Prepare a syrup of water and sugar and grease the fresh cakes with them. Delicious!