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Mamaliguta in beds

Mamaliguta in beds

For starters, let's get to the polenta. Put salt water on the fire and add 100 g of corn. When the white foam on top starts to disappear, add more cornstarch and let it boil. After about 10 minutes, add the rest of the corn and let it boil for another 20 minutes.

While the polenta is boiling, cut the sausages into slices and grate them.

After removing the polenta from the heat, we place a Yenna tray with butter, we put a layer of polenta, we distribute the sausages, which we fried a little before, on the whole surface, we sprinkle the telemea, we put the second layer of polenta, we put 6 cubes of butter to melt and, with a polish, form 6 holes, in which we will break an egg. Sprinkle pepper and grated cheese over the entire surface and slices of Tilsit or Gouda cheese, taking care to leave the yolks uncovered.

Put in the hot oven, until it browns nicely on the surface.

Serve with or without pickles.

Bedroom Furniture & # 8211 Beds, Ideas and Decorating Solutions Buying Guide, Recommendations

The bed is the most important piece of furniture from the bedroom. The arrangement of the bedroom begins with the purchase of the bed, all other pieces of furniture and accessories are folded according to the size and position of the bed.

So let's talk about bedroom beds, the furniture to which we must pay the most attention when buying. We spend a third of our lives in bed, so it is worth the effort to do a thorough research before making a purchase decision.

Bed positioning

Beyond the aesthetic considerations related to style and finishes that are personal choices, the most important criterion for buying a bedroom bed is size. We all want a large double bed in the bedroom, but it must be sized correctly. An oversized bedroom bed will reduce the space in the bedroom, even if it will provide a much more generous place to sleep.

The minimum distance around the bed in the bedroom is 50 cm of free space and it would be optimal 70-80 cm. Below you have an example of positioning and sizing the bed for a 3 X 3 m apartment bedroom.

Bed size

Theoretically, according to experts, the ideal bed for two, from the point of view of space, should be wide enough for the partners to sit next to each other, stretched out, with their arms under their heads, bent and without touching their elbows. Also, in terms of length, the bed should be at least 10 centimeters longer than the height of the highest partner.

You need to know that the size of the bedroom beds differs from one region to another. The dimensions of the meeting in Romania are those of continental Europe.

Pat Single Extra Long 90 X 210 cm

Double Double Bed 120 X 200 cm

Pat King King 180 x 200 cm

If you want a control bed you need to make sure it will have one of the above sizes. The mattresses have standard dimensions for the beds with the above dimensions.


The comfort of the bedroom bed is given by the type and structure of the mattress. In 90% of cases the bed in the bedroom is emptied separately from the mattress. So buying a mattress is an important step in arranging the bedroom. I detailed in a previous article the process of choosing the mattress.

The components of the bed

The bed frame

The double beds have a large frame, as we saw above. If the materials used are not durable, the bed will not last more than 3-4 years. Let's see the most common materials from which the bed frame is made.

Bed with wooden frame

Solid wood is a classic material, which gives the furniture a special look. Wooden beds have resistance over time and with proper maintenance can have a lifespan of at least 25-30 years. The disadvantages of solid wood beds are the rather high price but also the weight of the bed. Given that the bed is a piece of furniture that is rarely moved, the disadvantage of weight is not a decisive one in choosing the type of bed. However, if you plan to move in the next 5-6 years, you should know that assembling and dismantling a solid wood bed frame will be a major problem. Usually this process leaves traces in the strength of the bed frame.

Bed with MDF frame

MDF is a very durable modern material that can successfully replace solid wood. MDF is resistant to weight and has a slightly higher elasticity than solid wood. The main advantage over wood is much smaller cracks. For more details on MDF furniture, read this article. Mounting and removing beds with MDF frame can affect the joint system by weakening the strength of the frame.

Bed with chipboard frame

The main advantage of the chipboard bed is the price. The chipboard bed has by far the best price and is very widespread. Along with the low price come some disadvantages related to the durability of this type of frame. If you want to disassemble it, you must know that these frames are not suitable for successive assemblies and disassemblies. Even if the assembly / disassembly is done carefully, it will have consequences in the resistance of the bed frame, due to the weak resistance of the chipboard, compared to solid wood, MDF or metal. Generally in these types of bed frames the joints are the ones that yield first.

Bed with metal frame

Beds with metal frame are recommended for durability. Whether made of wrought iron, aluminum or other metals, metal frame beds must be framed in a suitable environment. Beds with metal frame have the advantage of being easy to disassemble and reassemble in case of renovation or relocation. In general, the beds with metal frame do not need a mattress, the mattress support being attached to the frame. However, there are also beds with metal frames with a separate mattress.


The mattress is the support inside the bed frame that supports the mattress. Some beds include mattresses that are attached to the bed frame, others have a separate mattress. Regardless of the type of mattress, metal springs or wooden slats, you should follow the manufacturer's advice when choosing. In general, all manufacturers of bedroom furniture and especially beds recommend certain types of mattresses for their products. The box-type bedroom beds do not need a mattress, the mattress being placed directly on the box, which is in fact the frame of the bed. For these types of beds the mattresses are slightly different because they need to ensure greater elasticity.

Lifespan and warranty

The lifespan of a bed is generally related to the lifespan of the mattress, although the lifespan of the bed without the mattress is two or even three times longer. If the lifespan of a mattress is a maximum of 10-12 years. A properly maintained bed can have a lifespan of 20-25 years. So with that in mind, think about how much you want to invest in quality sleep for the next 25 years. The manufacturer's warranty is proof of quality furniture. Traditionally known furniture manufacturers know that they make quality products and then offer warranties of up to 3 years for a bed. Be careful not to confuse the mattress warranty with the bed warranty.

Also to keep the bed warranty see the manufacturer's recommendations and how the bed should be maintained.

Our recommendations

Upholstered Pat & # 8222Aspen Velvet & # 8221 Green

Aspen Velvet upholstered bed

A bedroom bed made of wood and upholstered with velvet, made of quality and very resistant materials. Bed dimensions:

  • Length: 216 cm
  • Width: 178 cm,
  • Head height: 124 cm
  • Leg height: 10 cm
  • Frame height: 26 cm

Ferndale Gray / Oak pine and MDF bed

The Ferndale bed is a model that harmoniously combines utility and aesthetics, in a very resistant piece of furniture.

The charm of style Classical it has never been easier to integrate into the home. The Ferndale collection combines classic and functionality. Redefine comfort with the help of elegant pieces of furniture that will wear you over time and offer a note of authenticity to the entire home. This collection is perfect for your home, giving you pleasure and quality over the years.

pin is a softwood, which grows in many variants in many parts of the world. The rustic aspect of the pine offers a lot of warmth and individuality to the furniture pieces. Pine wood has a light color and is a very good adhesive for paints. It is ideal for children's room furniture, for living rooms and wherever you need simple pieces of furniture, but with personality.

Available in 3 sizes:

For the mattress 90 x 190 cm: Length: 202 cm, width: 104 cm, head height: 105 cm, weight: 35 kg

For the mattress 135 x 190 cm: Length: 202 cm, width: 150 cm, head height: 105 cm, weight: 58 kg

For the mattress 150 x 200 cm: Length: 213 cm, width: 165 cm, head height: 105 cm, weight: 64 kg

  • Frame height: 14 cm
  • Footboard height: 43 cm
  • Leg height: 20.5 cm
  • Depth of mattress in bed: 21 cm

Metal bed Lima Alb

A classic bed with a very resistant and versatile metal frame, ideal for a bedroom in a romantic retro style. The bed is made entirely of metal and contains support for the lamellar mattress.

External bed dimensions:

For the mattress 200 x 90 cm: Length: 210 cm, width: 96 cm, head height: 120 cm

Footboard height: 71 cm

Technical details:

The product is made of metal.

The bed contains a lamellar support for the mattress.

The supplier recommends the use of a mattress about 16 cm high.

Wood and metal bed Viera

A modern bed that combines wood and metal for a unique contemporary look.

  • Length: 206 cm,
  • width: 166 cm,
  • head height: 103 cm
  • Leg height: 19.5 cm
  • Frame height: 5 cm
  • Height from floor to seat: 46 cm

Black metal bed with cherry wood inserts Parma

Classic metal bed in a combination of black metal and cherry wood, which gives it a subtle elegance.

The bed contains the support for the lamellar type mattress with longitudinal wooden slats mounted on the bed frame.

The bed is available in several sizes: 217 X 146 cm, 217 x 166 cm, 217 x189 cm.

An elegant bed for a classic white bedroom. The bed is made of solid Malaysian wood on a metal frame. The bed contains the support for the lamellar type mattress with longitudinal wooden slats mounted on the bed frame.

The bed is available in several sizes:

200X140 cm, 200X140 cm, 200 & # 215160 cm

The products presented have a 2-year warranty and are delivered with free shipping. You can see more bedroom beds here.

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Today, Ignatius. Traditions and customs for health and prosperity

For Romanians, cutting the pig in their own household is a reason for pride and joy, signaling the approach of Christmas. Over the years, this activity has in turn created a multitude of traditions and customs.

According to tradition, the night before Ignat the pigs dream that they will be slaughtered. Thus, they no longer eat, do not gain weight and do not put meat on them.

Usually, when cutting the pig, the kind ones are not good to take part in because the pig dies with more weight. Moreover, the meat will boil much harder. The elders from the country say that after the pig is cut, fried and washed, it is recommended to put a bed over it and a child to ride it. Thus, next year will be one free of diseases and full of wealth, health and prosperity.

In order for those who slaughter the pig to be forgiven for deliberately killing the animal, it is good for them to say the words: Ignat, Ignat / Swollen Pig, and before sacrificing it to say: God help, let us eat it healthy.

In the region of Teleorman, there is an old custom that says that on the children's foreheads must be made the sign of the cross with the blood of the animal sacrificed by Ignat. Thus, it is believed that they will be healthy and red in the cheeks next year.

One of the unique moments in the annual ritual of cutting the pig is the removal of the spleen. It is customary for all participants to be silent for a minute because it is a big deal.

According to popular tradition, the spleen of the slaughter pig is the most reliable "oracle" of a consultant when it comes to the harshness of winter. If the spleen at the end is thick, in winter it will be heavy, with a lot of snow, while in summer it will offer a rich harvest.

However, if the spleen is thin in winter, it will not bring much moisture, but will be rather frosty and in spring it will appear faster. Instead, the year will not be as rich.

No day of Ignatius is complete without fulfilling the grounded custom, namely the Pig Alms. Such a thing cannot and will never be omitted by those who celebrate this holiday with holiness. After the pig is slaughtered, the owner will choose the tenderest pieces of meat and give them to his wife in the kitchen.

The name alms of the pig was given by the megiesi and represents the first meal of the pig slaughtered then.

It is also the tastiest. The meat can be cooked either in the kitchen or outside in a cauldron with a little peppercorns, bay leaves and water. The well-known filth is usually served with steaming polenta, a bowl of garlic sauce and a glass of brandy.

Sometimes households do not speak the pig if it is already 2-3 years old because the mouse is too thick and can no longer be eaten. Moreover, it cannot be used in the preparation of dishes either. Thus, the cut pig will be skinned and its skin will be used for opinci.

Nowadays, these opinci are still used only by the elderly peasants from some regions of Moldova and only in winter.

After the pork is peeled, the mouse must be well greased with pickle salt (coarse salt) and then rolled. It must be kept in this way for 3-4 days after which it will be unwrapped, spread on sticks and left outside in the wind to dry. The lucky ones can leave the mouse to smoke, either in the attic or in the smokers.

Melania and Trump in separate beds. GOODBYE.

Melania and Trump in separate beds. The foreign press did not ignore the gossip.

Donald Trump and Melania arrived in Florida, where they will live. Internet users noticed suspicious gestures between the two, which would signal a divorce.

If in Washington the two seemed very close and even held hands in front of the press, when they arrived in Florida things changed. The gestures of the two suggest a rupture.

Photo source:

In Washington, everything seemed torn from fairy tales. But when he arrived in Florida, things definitely changed. Melania disembarked from Air Force One in a $ 3,000 Gucci dress and lightly shod in a pair of ballerinas. The former "First Lady" was hiding under her sunglasses. Reporters stopped them to take pictures. Melania made a gesture that totally contradicted the loving behavior she had shown just a few hours before. This left Trump behind, rushing to the car. As if she couldn't wait to get rid of him.

Companion plants: the table of neighborhood vegetables in beds!

Radishes, peas, celery, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, sunflower, corn, potatoes.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors

Sage, dill, mint, fennel.

1. Successful neighbors

Garlic, basil, carrot, onion, parsley, peas, sage, cabbage, potatoes, spinach, salad.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors

1. Successful neighbors

Basil, carrot, oregano, marjoram, onion, casserole, coriander, nepeta, lady's condiment.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors

1. Successful neighbors

Peas, beans, lettuce, basil, tarragon, thyme.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors

1. Successful neighbors

Carrot, corn, cucumber, eggplant, salad, radish, spinach, tomatoes, potatoes.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors

1. Successful neighbors

Beans, corn, mint, lady's lead, radishes.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors

1. Successful neighbors

Beans, beets, celery, chamomile, dill, hyssop, mint, lady's condiment, onions, oregano, potatoes, sage.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors

1. Successful neighbors

Beans, cabbage, corn, lettuce, onions, casseroles, radishes, coriander, lady's condiment, linum.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors

Tomatoes, cucumbers, sunflower, pumpkin.

1. Successful neighbors

Peas, melon, pumpkin, beans, soybeans, sunflower, lupine.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors

1. Successful neighbors

Cabbage, potatoes, strawberries, carrots, lettuce, beets, tomatoes.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors

1. Successful neighbors

Onions, leeks, garlic, tomatoes, beans, radishes, peas, scorzonera, sage.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors

1. Successful neighbors

Cucumbers, beans, peas, cabbage, cauliflower, salad, pumpkin, tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors


1. Successful neighbors

Cabbage, kale, onion, mint, nepeta.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors

1. Successful neighbors

Corn, beans, sunflower, peas, tomatoes, radishes, lady's lead, mint.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors

1. Successful neighbors

Corn, cabbage, cauliflower, beets, pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, thyme, lady's condiment, lamb's tongue, spoons.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors

1. Successful neighbors

Tomatoes, carrots, eggplants, cabbage.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors


1. Successful neighbors

Corn, peas, radishes, beets, sunflowers.

2. Unsuccessful neighbors

Now you know where and what vegetables to plant. In addition, you can try other possibilities. Some gardeners consider that herbs (especially basil and monarda) improve the taste of tomatoes. And some can drive insects out of your garden.

Mamaliguta in beds - Recipes

  • French dough
  • sausages
  • an egg
  • sesame seeds + poppy seeds
  • mayonnaise


ahahha how cute as well as being delicious!

What a beautiful look, I think the children were delighted!

Really, how cute are they ?! Thanks, Mary. a kiss.

Flory, they were thrilled, especially that. children like sausages. Many kisses .

You really made me laugh (in a good way) it never occurred to me. Well, mine are big and. until the grandchildren, I still have to wait. But the idea is wonderful and I think the children ate with great pleasure. Remember the idea!
I kiss you and as I say on my blog, I want you to fly as soon as possible this week, because I know how it is before departure.

Thank you, Petronela! We go further because I have to change many, many documents, so. I'll be on my way, I think I'll lose weight. that I can't really call it a vacation. in fact, it will depend a lot on the bureaucracy in the country. Many kisses .

Very cute babies. a great idea! Kisses and a pleasant week!


  • 450 g of corn, 750 ml of water, 400 ml of milk or uncooked whey, 4 tablespoons of butter (about 100 g), 400 g of salted cheese (sheep's cheese or bellows cheese or even grated cheese) 6 or 8 eggs , salt

Method of preparation

-boil water mixed with uncooked milk or whey and let it boil at the right heat.

-add the salt and put the freshly sifted corn in the rain, mixing well with a wooden spoon or a fork and let the polenta boil for about 20 minutes. Add two tablespoons of butter and mix quickly.

-still now we can put salted cheese and mix: grease the butter curry in a form, turn the polenta over in it and make four or six or eight holes with a spoon (depending on how big the shape is) in which we break the eggs

& ndash we put this form in the preheated oven until the egg whites thicken.

-Put a little salt on top.

I left them for about 30 minutes at 200 degrees.

Serve this dish cut into large pieces, each with an egg on top.

This food is very good as it is hot, we can serve it with sour cream or even simple & ndash it is a very tasty dish adapted for cold days.

When serving, you can pour 1-2 tablespoons of yogurt or sour cream on top.

If you want, you can add to this preparation a few pieces of smoked meat (ie, put a layer of polenta, smoked, another layer of polenta, then continue as above)

The recipe and the photos belong to Vali Ciornea and participate with this recipe in the Great Winter Contest 2019: cook and win

From hard lockdown to almost total relaxation

Last year, India imposed one of the strictest quarantines in the world for its 1.35 billion people. After three months, the Indian government relaxed almost all measures, imposing local measures.

The relaxation of the measures also led to an explosion of cases, the country now becoming the second most affected in the world. It has 14 million cases, more in the United States alone.

In the face of this wave, the Indian government is looking for solutions to speed up the vaccination campaign. Recently, it launched a vaccination festival, and the target was 400,000 people immunized in four days. To date, 100 million people have received a dose of COVID vaccine.

The country uses the Covaxin vaccine, produced by the Indian laboratory Bharat Biotech, AstraZeneca, but also, more recently, the Russian serum Sputnik V. It also wants to urgently approve the vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & # 038 Johnson, given that in may soon run out of doses.

Video: Borat - Magic Mamaliga u0026 Remix 2018 (October 2021).