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Stoner-Friendly Burritos, Brought to You by Rob Dyrdek

Stoner-Friendly Burritos, Brought to You by Rob Dyrdek

Burrito revolution blazes ahead with new Loud Mouth Burrito company

Who’s more likely to consume a burrito stuffed with hamburger meat, cheese, ketchup, and mustard: someone under the influence of marijuana, or someone who is not?

Pro-skateboarder turned MTV star Rob Dyrdek knows the answer, and he’s capitalized on this revelation by founding Loud Mouth Burritos with his cousin and co-star Chris "Drama" Pfaff. The company is rolling out "stoner-ready" frozen burritos of the cheeseburger and pepperoni pizza varieties. These munchies masters hope to "revolutionize the age-old eating experience" of burrito consumption by initiating a "structural transformation" of burritos everywhere. This revolution involves combining the flavors of Mexico and America in a way that basically appeals only to the very high.

To make their target consumer base more apparent, the two funny guys of MTV’s Fantasy Factory managed to pack exactly 420 calories into each burrito — a figure you may or may not want to ignore if you expect to munch on multiple burritos in a sitting.

The frozen goodies are currently only being sold in some Kum-and-Go and Maverick convenience marts, but expect a more widespread shelf-presence by the end of this summer.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to increase your diet’s pot-appeal, you can read up in the High-Times Cookbook , perhaps after sipping on some pot wine to get those creative juices flowing.

For more info on Loud Mouth Burritos, check out the website.

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