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Sarmalute in green cabbage

Sarmalute in green cabbage

we wash the cabbage well, we take out its back.

put some water, borscht and salt in a pot and put it on the fire to boil.

when it starts to boil, put the cabbage with the hole from the back down, let it open a little.

we then turn it over and unfold the leaves one by one.

we remove the removed leaves under the jet of cold water to stop the boiling.


the onion is cleaned and finely chopped.

the carrot is cleaned and put on the grater with small meshes.

peel the tomatoes and put them on a small grater or in a blender.

the donut shakes off all the seeds and blends.

we wash the dill and parsley, remove their tails and chop them finely.

put oil (a little more) in a pan.

put onion and soak 10 min.

then put and soak the carrot for 10 minutes over the onion.

then put the grated tomatoes and tomato paste.

mix everything well and finally add the meat.

mix all the ingredients well and leave on the fire for about 5 minutes.

we pour this composition into a basin.

we wash the rice in a lot of hot water.

we also put it in the basin.

we also add: the donut given through a blender, the 2 eggs, pepper and vegeta according to taste, parsley and chopped green dill.

turn the composition well.

we prepare the leaves and start rolling the cabbage rolls.

on the bottom of the pot in which we will boil the sarmales, we place some cabbage leaves then we start to place the assembled sarmales.

after filling the pot, we put some cabbage leaves on top, sprinkle some chopped parsley and add water to cover the stuffing.

heat the oven and put the pot in the oven over low heat.

when they are ready, serve with what you want: sour cream, polenta, hot peppers, yogurt ... whatever you like ...

I'm sorry I don't have pictures from the moment of preparation but I had so much work that it didn't burn me to take pictures ...

DELICIOUS Sarmalute, without meat. Recipe from Prislop Monastery

Because during Lent people feel more stressed from eating, today we want to show you only a small part of what you can eat during Lent.

Although not cooked with meat, fasting dishes can be much healthier and tastier than those that contain meat. Today we will teach you how to prepare fasting cabbage rolls in cabbage leaves, cabbage rolls prepared by the nuns at Prislop Monastery, writes

1 large sauerkraut
450 g mushroom mushrooms
1 carrot maricel - grated through a fine grater
1 small slice of grated celery
1 large onion finely chopped
130 g of rice

300 ml tomato juice
3 tablespoons tomato paste
1-3 bay leaves
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1/2 bunch finely chopped green parsley

freshly ground pepper
2 sprigs of thyme
1 oregano powder
2-3 tablespoons oil
boiled water

Finely chop the onion in 2-3 tablespoons of oil until it becomes glassy. Then put half of the grated carrot and cook them together for another 1 minute. Put the finely chopped mushrooms over them and continue to harden until they soften a little. At this point add the well-washed and drained rice, thyme, salt, pepper and finely chopped parsley.

Keep on the fire for another 1-2 minutes. We take the cabbage leaf in our hand and put the composition of mushrooms with rice - about a tablespoon - on the width of the leaf, so that we have 2 cm at one end and at the other of the leaf.

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Recipes with photos

With corn

With oranges

Mandatory products :

  • Beijing cabbage - 500 grams
  • orange - 1 piece
  • canned corn - 1 can
  • green onion - a small bouquet
  • soy sauce - 1 tbsp
  • sunflower oil - 1 tbsp.
  1. We cut Beijing, place it on the bottom of the vessel.
  2. In a separate bowl, combine chopped green onions and canned corn.
  3. We clean the orange, release it from the inner films and separate it with our hands, trying not to damage the juice bags. Add to the rest of the ingredients. It is better if the taste of citrus is sweet and sour.
  4. Make a dressing from soy sauce and sunflower oil, pour it into a bowl and mix well.
  5. Spread the resulting mass on a cabbage substrate and serve.

How to cook a salad with cabbage and oranges from Beijing and what other ingredients is this vegetable, read here.

With green cucumber

Mandatory products :

  • Chinese cabbage - 500 grams
  • green cucumber - 2 pieces
  • canned corn - 1 can
  • green beam - beam floor
  • dill - the floor of the beam
  • olive oil - 1 tbsp
  • lemon juice - 1 teaspoon
  • salt, black pepper to taste.
  1. Finely chop the cabbage.
  2. Cucumbers cut into strips.
  3. Add the corn and chopped greens.
  4. Season with a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
  5. Mix the ingredients well in a bowl and it can be served.

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With crab sticks

It is known that crab sticks are also produced in white fish varieties.

These recipes are recommended for those who do not follow the strict fast, as well as for a meal on Flower Sunday.

With mayonnaise

Mandatory products :

  • Beijing cabbage - 500 grams
  • crab sticks - 1 pack, 250 grams
  • green cucumber - 2 pieces
  • canned corn - 1 can
  • dill - the floor of the beam
  • low mayonnaise - 100 grams.
  1. Cabbage, crab sticks, finely chopped cucumbers.
  2. Mix in a bowl of canned corn.
  3. Fill everything with low mayonnaise.
  4. Sprinkle the finished salad on top with finely chopped dill.

We offer you to watch a video on how to cook a Beijing cabbage salad and crab sticks with mayonnaise:

With olives and tomatoes

Mandatory products :

  • Beijing cabbage - 300 grams
  • crab sticks - 1 pack, 250 grams
  • medium-sized tomatoes - 2 pieces
  • chopped olives - 1 box
  • grape seed oil - 1 tbsp
  • salt, black pepper to taste.
  1. For a salad, it is better to take the tender top of a cabbage head from Beijing.
  2. Cut large enough or break with your hands.
  3. Place on the bottom of the portioned salad bowls.
  4. Cut the tomatoes and crab sticks into cubes, add the olives (they can be chopped into rings or can be used whole), add salt, pepper, season with oil, mix in a bowl and place on cabbage garnishes in portions.
  5. It can be served.

We offer you to watch a video on how to cook a salad of Beijing cabbage, olives and tomatoes:

In these materials you can find simple and tasty salads with Beijing cabbage, corn, crab sticks and other ingredients.

With crackers

With corn

Mandatory products :

  • Beijing cabbage - 500 grams
  • biscuits - 100 grams
  • canned corn - 1 can
  • onion - 1 piece
  • parsley - a small bouquet
  • low mayonnaise - 100 grams.
  1. Open a jar of corn and drain the liquid.
  2. Cut the greens and Beijing well.
  3. Peel the onion and cut into thin thin rings.
  4. Ready to buy crackers of any taste or dry in the oven.
  5. Pour all ingredients into a bowl, season with mayonnaise and mix well.

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With avocado

Mandatory products :

  • Beijing cabbage - 300 grams
  • biscuits - 100 grams
  • avocado - 1 piece
  • arugula - 1 bouquet
  • medium-sized tomatoes - 2 pieces
  • soy sauce - a tablespoon
  • grape seed oil - tablespoon.
  1. This salad is best made in portions.
  2. Tear the top of the cabbage with your hands and lie on the plates.
  3. 4 servings must be obtained from this amount of food.
  4. Avocado peel and chop.
  5. Chopped tomatoes, mix with avocado and chopped herbs.
  6. Place lightly on serving plates.
  7. Top with dressing made from soy sauce and vegetable oil.
  8. The final action will be to cover the vessel with crackers. You can serve.

Recipes with Beijing cabbage and biscuits can be found here, recipes for vitamin salads with avocado are here.

With radishes

With green cucumber

Mandatory products :

  • Beijing cabbage - 300 grams
  • green cucumber - 2 pieces
  • radishes - 300 grams
  • dill - 1 bouquet
  • olive oil - 1 tbsp
  • lemon juice - 1 teaspoon
  • salt, black pepper to taste.

  1. Cabbage and mushroom greens should be finely chopped.
  2. Cut cucumbers and radishes into halves.
  3. Mix all the ingredients in a large salad bowl, season with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice.
  4. Add salt and pepper to taste. A healthy, low-calorie dish is ready.

With cheese

For those who miss post dairy a lot, we recommend tofu salad with soy cheese.

Mandatory products :

  • Beijing cabbage - 300 grams
  • tofu soy cheese - 200 grams
  • sweet and sour apple - 2 pieces
  • radishes - 300 grams
  • green onions for decoration
  • weak mayonnaise
  1. Finely chop the cabbage into strips, rub the radish on a coarse grater.
  2. Cut the cheese.
  3. Peel and peel the apples and cut them into strips.
  4. After dressing with mayonnaise, mix and place in a salad bowl.
  5. Garnish with green onions and radish roses. Beauty and nothing more.

With bell peppers

With soy sauce

Mandatory products :

  • Beijing cabbage - 300 grams
  • tofu soy cheese - 250-300 grams
  • yellow sweet pepper - 2 pieces
  • medium-sized tomatoes - 2 pieces
  • chopped olives - 1 box
  • green onions - 1 bouquet
  • olive oil - 2 tbsp
  • lemon juice - 1 tbsp
  • French mustard - 1 tbsp
  • salt and pepper to taste.

  1. Finely chop the cabbage.
  2. Peppers, peppers and cut into strips, tomatoes, slices, diced cheese.
  3. Put the whole olives in the salad.
  4. Chop the onion.
  5. Mix all the ingredients in a large salad bowl.
  6. Salt, pepper and season with a mixture of lemon juice with olive oil and mustard.

We offer you to watch a video on how to make a cabbage salad from Beijing, bell peppers with the addition of soy sauce:

With apples and nuts

Mandatory products :

  • Beijing cabbage - 300 grams
  • red pepper - 2 pieces
  • green apple - 2 pieces
  • nuts - 50 grams
  • weak mayonnaise to taste.
  1. This salad is very easy to prepare. Finely chop the cabbage, add the finely chopped peppers and apples.
  2. Mix the ingredients with the mayonnaise in a large bowl and arrange in portioned salad bowls.
  3. Sprinkle chopped walnuts on top before serving.

You can find various Beijing cabbage salads and different types of nuts, including walnuts, here, and about Chinese vegetable and apple salads, read here.

With celery

With tomatoes

Mandatory products :

  • Beijing cabbage - 500 grams
  • petiole celery - 2 pieces
  • medium-sized tomatoes - 2 pieces
  • garlic - 2 puppies
  • dill - 1 bouquet
  • lime juice.
  1. Finely chop the cabbage.
  2. Cut the celery into rings and cut the tomatoes into cubes.
  3. Prepare a dressing. Peel and rub the garlic on a fine grater, chop the dill. Mix all this with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.
  4. Season the salad. You can invite guests.

With green cucumber

Mandatory products :

  • Beijing cabbage - 500 grams
  • petiole celery - 2 pieces
  • canned corn - 1 can
  • green cucumber - 2 pieces
  • green for decoration
  • low mayonnaise - 100 grams.

  1. Finely chop the cabbage.
  2. Cut the celery into rings and toss the cucumbers into strips.
  3. Mix everything with corn and mayonnaise in a large salad bowl.
  4. Before serving, you can decorate the salad with fresh herbs.

More salads with celery and Peking cabbage can be found here.

With seafood

With shrimp and oranges

Mandatory products :

  • Beijing cabbage - 300 grams
  • orange - 2 pieces
  • sesame seeds - 50 grams
  • boiled peeled shrimp - 20 pieces
  • soy sauce - 1 tbsp
  • garlic - 1 clove
  • lemon juice - 1 tbsp
  • honey - 1 teaspoon.

  1. We tear the youngest cabbage leaves with our hands and place them on the bottom of the portioned plate.
  2. We clean the orange, without internal films, trying to keep the slices intact.
  3. Roll the shrimp in sesame seeds.
  4. On a cabbage substrate, place shrimp and orange slices nicely in a circle, alternating them.
  5. We're preparing a gas station. Peel the garlic and three on a grater. Mix the soy sauce, lemon juice, honey and garlic in a separate bowl.
  6. Now it depends on the small one, pour the portions of the salad (it should be 4) with the finished filling and on the table.

It turns out to be a really tasty gastronomic dish.

And about delicious and simple salads with Beijing cabbage, shrimp and pomegranate and other ingredients, read here.

With peas and green peas

Mandatory products :

  • Beijing cabbage - 300 grams
  • squids - 3-4 pieces
  • sweet and sour apple - 1 piece
  • canned green peas - ½ banks
  • spices for cooking squid - bay leaves, black peas and allspice
  • half a lemon
  • low mayonnaise - 100 grams.
  1. Peel and soak in boiling salted water with spices for 2 minutes.
  2. Boiled squid and cabbage cut into strips.
  3. Peel an apple, grate it and cut it into cubes.
  4. To keep it from darkening, sprinkle with lemon juice.
  5. In a deep salad bowl, combine cabbage, squid, add apples and green peas.
  6. Season with mayonnaise and serve immediately.

Various delicious cabbage salads from Beijing are described here, as well as canned peas and seafood salads read here.

With carrots

With garlic

Mandatory products :

  • Beijing cabbage - 500 grams
  • large carrot - 1 piece
  • garlic - 1 clove
  • parsley - a small bouquet
  • low mayonnaise - 100 grams.
  1. Finely chop the cabbage.
  2. Grease the carrots and add to the cabbage.
  3. Cut the parsley and send there.
  4. Grease the garlic and mix with mayonnaise.
  5. Season the salad with the mixture and serve immediately.

Various salads with cabbage and carrots from Beijing are served in this material.

With pumpkin

Mandatory products :

  • Beijing cabbage - 300 grams
  • large carrot - 2 pieces
  • fresh pumpkin - 200 grams
  • almond nut - 50 grams
  • parsley - a small bouquet
  • green onions - 1 bouquet
  • salt to taste
  • vegetable oil - 2 tbsp.
  1. Finely chop the cabbage.
  2. Rub the carrots on a coarse grater and a pumpkin on a fine grater to form a gruel.
  3. Walnuts can be chopped or used whole.
  4. Cut the greens very finely.
  5. Mix all the ingredients, salt and season with any vegetable oil.

Simple and tasty

And finally, some very quick salads consisting of a couple of ingredients, one of which I already loved is the Beijing cabbage.

With canned pineapple

  1. Mix finely chopped cabbage with pineapple cubes from a jar.
  2. Season the salad with pineapple juice.

With Korean carrots

  1. Just mix the chopped cabbage and boiled carrots.
  2. You can even feed anything. Enough spices and spices from Korean carrots.

How to make a salad with Korean carrots and cabbage from Beijing is described here.

Useful tips for hostesses

There are several ways to pickle a vegetable. Combinations with different spices, spices and additives give the finished dish a different taste. It can be spicy, slightly sour or sweeter. Therefore, salads with green and brown tomatoes and sauerkraut also differ in their taste.

Cabbage is preferable to choose late varieties, without signs of damage or rot.

To enhance the aroma and taste of garlic, use garlic, onions, dill seeds, herbs and spices, bell peppers and carrots. Sour cabbage gets a special personality in combination with green tomatoes. It's worth noting that you can't just cover white cabbage. From these recipes they become even more diverse.

Another way to increase the number of pickles - different options for handling cabbage forks. They can be usually cut, cut into slices or squares, fermented in halves or in a whole head of cabbage.

Also, tomatoes are used whole, cut in half, slices or rings.

Before cooking, the vegetables are sorted, washed and cleaned.

If the workpiece is enclosed in jars, they must be washed and sterilized.

Preparations for the winter are often made from already fermented cabbage, adding unripe tomatoes. Or you can tie the vegetables in the same container at the same time. Consider the recipes of the different options.


1. Wash the cabbage and unwrap it in sheets. Remove thick ribs and cut into rectangles, suitable for filling. Chop the rest of the cabbage.

2. In a saucepan with a thicker bottom, fry the finely chopped onion in 1-2 tablespoons of oil. Add diced rice, mushrooms and carrots. Stir gently, then quench with half a cup of water and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Cover, and when cool, add the tomato juice, diced bell pepper, finely chopped greens, a pinch of salt and pepper. (Pay attention to the amount of salt, because the cabbage leaves are salty!)

3. Fill the sarmales with this mixture and place in a saucepan with a thicker bottom, greased with oil, in which a thin layer of chopped cabbage and a few peppercorns was placed. Pour enough water to cover the sarmales, sprinkle a little dill and boil in the oven for about an hour.

What do you find in a cabbage?

This vegetable is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, contains fiber, vitamins A, B, C, E, K and U, adequate amounts of potassium, iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium. Cabbage is low in calories and fat. Cabbage leaves can be slightly sweet or slightly bitter in taste.

Cabbage, like all vegetables, contains phytochemicals & # 8211 natural protective compounds with health-promoting properties. There are over 1000 known phytochemicals, and the most important contained in cabbage are isothiocyanates and indole-3-carbinol.

Isothiocyanates are antioxidants that help eliminate toxins. Indole-3-carbinol is anticancer. Red cabbage is a winner when it comes to antioxidants because it contains anthocyanin (not found in white cabbage). This phytochemical gives red cabbage its color and has strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions.

One of the reasons why kale is considered a superfood is the large number of vitamins and minerals. It is good to know that by boiling you lose a lot of nutrients & # 8211 to avoid this, choose to steam kale or mix it with other vegetables in the pan.

  • 84% water, 9% carbohydrates, 4% protein
  • energy & # 8211 49 kcal / 100g
  • Vitamin K & # 8211 671% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA)
  • vitamin C & # 8211 145% of RDA
  • vitamin A & # 8211 63% of RDA
  • vitamin B9 (foalat) & # 8211 35% of RDA
  • vitamin B6 & # 8211 21% of RDA
  • vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) & # 8211 18% of RDA
  • manganese & # 8211 31% of RDA
  • calcium & # 8211 15% of RDA
  • magnesium & # 8211 13% of RDA
  • phosphorus & # 8211 13% of RDA
  • iron & # 8211 12% of RDA
  • potassium 0 10% of RDA
  • zinc & # 8211 6% of RDA
  • phytochemicals: carotenoid lutein, glucosinolate, polyphenols (especially ferulic acid).

Sarmalute with rice, in cabbage leaves

The washed rice is kept in water to swell. Chop the onions and peppers small, cut the donuts also small and put them all in hot oil and on low heat, so that they soften well.

Peel a squash, grate it and chop it in a saucepan. When the tomatoes have drained, add the rice and mix everything until the rice has absorbed all the juice from this mixture. Remove from the heat, add the chopped green parsley, sprinkle with pepper and salt to taste and continue to mix.

From this paste, the cabbages are shaped into cabbage leaves, which can be made even tighter, so that they do not fall apart when boiled. Place in a saucepan, in overlapping rows, pour water, a little borscht, 3 tablespoons of oil adding thyme, bay leaves, a few celery leaves and put everything in the oven to boil well. When cooked, they can be served hot or cold.

1. For starters, we clean and wash the sheets cabbage. Leave in cold water for about 2 hours so as not to be too sour. We choose cabbages that have softer leaves.

2. In a frying pan, harden onion until it turns golden. It adds carrot chopped in a blender or put on a large grater, and when it has softened, add the 2 tablespoons of broth. Leave for another 3 minutes, remove the pan from the heat and leave the composition to cool.

3. In a large bowl, mix the sarmale mixture. It adds pepper chopped small cubes, parsley, minced meat, rice (after being left to soak for 5-10 minutes), the mixture onion and carrot cooled well, salt, pepper to taste thyme, dill and a teaspoon of sweet Boya. Optionally, 1-2 can be added eggs for a better bound composition, but not mandatory. Mix well and prepare the cabbage leaves to make the sarmales.

We know that there are very skilled housewives among us who do things exactly the right way, but for those who are not so experienced in the art of stuffing and need a little inspiration before they start folding, I asked my mother to show us step by step how he does them.

Patiently, we repeat the process with each one until our fingertips wrinkle and we get a large and beautiful platter with cabbage rolls ready to be put in the oven.

4. We are preparing the pot in which the sarmales will boil. We place it on the bottom of the vessel cabbage leaves and a few threads of thyme dry. The cabbage will take care that the sarmales do not catch or burn.

5. Put a layer of cabbage, a layer of cabbage chopped and another layer of sarmale. We put a few grains on top pepper, 3-4 Bay leaves, and in a bowl mix a cup & # 8211 two of the water, in which we dissolve 2 tablespoons of broth. The stuffing should be almost covered with water, about 3 fingers below. The rice needs water to boil. At the end we cover the sarmales with cabbage leaves and put the lid of the vessel (either aluminum foil).

6. Put the dish in the oven for about 2-3 hours at 160 degrees. It is good for the sarmales to boil for as long as possible at a lower temperature. This way the sarmales will not fall apart and will have much more flavor.

I served the cabbage rolls with greasy cream and garnished them with the chopped cabbage that I put to boil between the cabbage rolls. Good appetite and increase in cooking!

Video: Planting Cultivating And Amazing Cabbage Harvesting (October 2021).