For sheets: mix the egg whites with a salt powder for 1-2 minutes, add the sugar gradually and continue mixing until you get a meringue. Rub the yolks with melted and cooled butter, gradually added like mayonnaise. Place over the meringue and mix gently until incorporated. Add flour and mix with a spatula with light movements to get as little air out of the egg whites. Divide the composition into two approximately equal parts and place in the two large trays of the stove, lined with baking paper. Evenly roll the dough and bake at 170-175 degrees for 15 minutes. After it has cooled, remove the baking paper and cut each sheet into three equal parts. (I used a large ruler that I washed beforehand)

For the cream: we mix eggs with sugar and rum, we put them on the steam bath, we mix continuously until the sugar melts. After dissolving the sugar, mix the eggs. Separately, melt the chocolate on a steam bath with 1 tablespoon of butter. Let the chocolate cool a bit and gradually pour it over the egg mixture while mixing after each slice of chocolate. Separately, mix the soft butter with the 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar and cocoa. Gradually add the chocolate cream to the butter cream, until you incorporate all the quantities. Refrigerate for 20-30 minutes.

For caramel: you can also choose the option to caramelize the simple sugar, but be careful not to burn it. To avoid burning and that bitter taste of burnt sugar, I proceeded as follows ... I put the sugar, water and rum in a larger kettle. I put it on medium heat towards the sea and I stirred continuously. When the syrup binds and the water starts to drop, I reduce the heat to a minimum. We continued mixing, and when the syrup starts to drop considerably and reach the desired color, we set it aside.

For assembly: on a plate we place the first sheet, we grease it with cream and we do the same with the others, but we stop one of the sheets, which is more beautiful. We coat the cake in cream, we make moat on top, as many moat as we will put on top.

For the slices above I proceeded as follows: I used the ruler and cut the sheet into 4 equal parts. Also with the ruler, I divided each quarter of the sheet into 4 other parts, but I did not cut them, but I drew stripes on the sheet with the tip of a knife. Pour the hot caramel over each quarter of the sheet, spread it all over the surface and immediately with a large knife that we pass through butter we cut slices of countertop drawn in caramel. With them we decorate the cake, placing them over the pre-made moats. Let the cake cool for 2-3 hours before serving. You're welcome!!

Ingredients for the Dobos cake recipe with cocoa cream, like at the confectionery

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  • For sheets (12 pcs)
  • -12 eggs
  • - 240 gr sugar
  • -8 tablespoons oil
  • -240 gr flour
  • Cream
  • -10 eggs
  • -6 tablespoons cocoa (150 g)
  • -400 gr sugar
  • -500 gr butter with 82%
  • -100 gr powdered sugar

Teodora Doboș (Henkel): "Anticipating and moving fast are the basic words and actions"

Forbes: What were the biggest changes (challenges) in your marketing strategy during the pandemic (2020 - present)?

Teodora Doboș: Certainly, the most important change in strategy has been and is the one regarding the role that digital plays in everything we do. The focus on digital began several years ago, but the pace at which digital and investment in technology have evolved over the past year has been much faster. This came with challenges and opportunities but the important thing is that we managed to adapt quickly and learn in a short time what we might have managed to achieve in a few good years.

Also, in terms of challenges, I would note that in 2020 we had to learn to reach the customer in other ways than we were used to: for example the campaigns with promoters that we run in stores, were replaced by vending machines where consumers they can interact with our products and test them safely. There were also a series of logistical challenges related to supply, especially during the quarantine period, but we managed to overcome them well at the level of the entire company.

Forbes: What are the most important changes you have noticed in the behavior of consumers in the sector in which you operate?

Teodora Doboș: First of all, I would note that people have started to buy more online, and the proof is that e-commerce increased last year by over 50% versus 2019.

Also, another change in behavior would be the increase in the value of the shopping cart along with a decrease in the frequency of shopping & # 8211 people avoid arriving very often in stores and practically this period brought fewer acts of purchase on month from a consumer, but at higher weights and implicitly higher value.

At the same time, we saw in 2020 how proximity stores managed to attract more consumers, along with discounter formats, for detergents and home care products.

Forbes: What role did digital (online) play in the marketing plans of your brands during the pandemic (2020 - present)?

Teodora Doboș: Online is the second channel for investments after TV for about 10 years, but this year it is estimated that online investments will reach half of the investments in TV. And we have followed this trend to interact with the consumer where he is and we have increased digital investments from year to year, with the improvement of the team's knowledge and performance in this field.

Digital marketing is, from my point of view, an extraordinary opportunity because it allows you to address the consumer with the right message, at the right place and at the right time.

Also, the digital environment is an interactive environment in which communication is done from both sides. Thus, we can find out in real time the opinions of consumers and we can respond in a personalized and fast way to their needs.

Also, a very important role is played by the company's orientation towards a test & amp learn culture that allows us to try new things and see what works best for our consumers. We have learned to be even more flexible and agile in finding the best solutions for our brands.

If digital was secondary a few years ago, it is now the main channel of communication. It is extremely useful because, as a marketer, online gives you a lot of information about consumers and consumption habits, information that will help you customize your campaigns, to get exactly the right message to the right consumer.

Forbes: How do you define marketing success in the pandemic year 2020? (A local or international example would be great.)

Teodora Doboș: The international campaign "Enjoy together" was launched by Pur & ampSomat to encourage consumers to take advantage of this period and spend quality time with loved ones. We adapted the concept on the local market through the “Moments together” campaign, together with chef Nicolai Tand, starting from the idea that a delicious meal can be a wonderful occasion of joy together with the family.

Against the background of the pandemic and the way we all changed our social behavior, which led to several beautiful moments spent at home with our loved ones, Pur and Somat are brands that have grown a lot in the last year.

Forbes: What do you think is the purpose (role) of the marketing man during the pandemic?

Teodora Doboș: The role of the marketing man is crucial - and not a big word - for any company during this period. People's consumption habits are constantly changing, and we, as marketers, must constantly adapt.

Moreover, it is very important to anticipate the needs of consumers, and the pace of change is very fast in the last year.

By the nature of the profession, in general, the marketer must be up to date with the latest news in the industry, with what consumers do and feel, with what competing brands do and prepare, but in recent months "being up to date" is not it is still enough. Anticipating and moving fast are the basic words and actions.

Dobos cake

Another recipe in the category & # 8220mother's recipes & # 8221. My mother reminded me of dobos when we walked together through Auchan and I saw the pandispan sheets and she told me & # 8220 when you were little, she took our poverty until we baked 5-6 pandispan sheets for dobos. With the cream it was simple, yes that ended me mentally & # 8221. So, I said let's all remember the downfall of our childhood, taken from & # 8220cotoferie & # 8221 as my brother used to call it when he was little.

The recipe is from my mother's notebook, I also give you the ingredients for the sheets, in case you want a 100% experience before & # 821789 & # 8221 and you feel like baking individual sheets. I modified the recipe here and there, respectively for the icing. I didn't make the crunchy sugar icing anymore, but I gladly hugged Dr. Oetker's instant icings.

Countertop ingredients:
& # 8211 6 eggs
& # 8211 6 tablespoons sugar
& # 8211 6 tablespoons flour
& # 8211 vanilla essence or vanilla sugar
& # 8211 a pinch of salt
& # 8211 a baking powder

Rub the yolks with the sugar until they form a thick cream and double in volume, like an ointment. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt powder and mix, together with the flour (sifted with baking powder), with the yolks, using a wooden spatula, so as not to leave it. Bake the sheets, one by one (you can make 5-6, depending on the size of the tray).

The simplest variant, especially in the case of the holidays, when you have so much on your head, are the pandispan leaves, which you can find in any food and they are absolutely delicious.

Cream ingredients:
& # 8211 250 gr butter
& # 8211 2-3 tablespoons hot milk
& # 8211 200 gr of milk chocolate
& # 8211 150 gr of sugar
& # 8211 5 yolks
& # 8211 2 free of rom

Beat the butter with the hot milk. Usually when I make butter mousse I put hot milk, because it comes out very very creamy. Separately, rub the yolks together with the sugar, until the sugar is completely melted. Put butter cream over the yolks and then incorporate melted chocolate (in bain marie) and cooled to room temperature and rum essence. A very soft cream comes out at first, but it gains prestige as the chocolate hardens.

Grease each sheet with chocolate cream and place a sheet over it, pressing well. At the end, prepare the icing according to the instructions on the package and spread it over the dobos.

What do you say, it was fast, right? She fondly reminded me of my childhood, I hope you will also have pleasant memories related to the Dobos cake and to devour it with pleasure with your loved ones, at the Easter table.

Because many of you have asked me how I decorated this cake, I made a demonstration video, which you can see here

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Dobos Cake - Dulcinele Caramel. The Doboş cake is the perfect option! Dobos has been included in your family's recipe book. Rodi, I was looking for some papers in my notebook today! He ran his mother's recipe book and hit the business line. From the famous TV, to Snow White, dobos, cake with broth or. Drum sheet: 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons water, 4 tablespoons sugar, 4 tablespoons flour. Cream: 8 egg yolks rub with 300 g of sugar, 2 sachets of. Dobos sheet: (2 eggs, 2 tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons flour.) Cream: 5 eggs, 20 tablespoons sugar, 4 sachets of ness se.

The notebook with old and new recipes. I hope you felt good and managed to find inspiration between the pages of this virtual notebook! Baigli & # 8211 bejgli & # 8211 Hungarian dough rolls with poppy seeds and walnuts, step by step recipe for cozonac. Exactly this recipe we have, also recorded in the notebook of the grandmother from Arad a. OTHER DELICIOUS DESSERT RECIPES WITH AUSTRALUNGARIAN ORIGIN.

József Dobos' butter cream proved to be very stable, allowing it to be stored.

The yolks are mixed with the sugar for about 10 minutes until it becomes a creamy composition. Add flour and add the beaten egg whites with a pinch of salt. The resulting composition is divided into 6 parts and bake 6 sheets in a cake form (24 cm) for about 6-10 minutes each.

Mix the eggs with the sugar and put them in a bowl in a bain marie together with the broken chocolate pieces and mix on low heat until they thicken, then put them in a bowl with cold water to cool. Rub the butter and add it to the cooled cream, then leave it in the fridge. When it is very cold, mix it again until it becomes a fine cream.

Grease the sheets with a layer of cream. A sheet is cut into triangles that will be coated in burnt sugar (1/2 cup of sugar melts and covers each triangle.

The last layer will be cream over which the sugar-covered triangles are placed. Leave to cool until the next day to soften the sheets.

Dobos cake

1. Combine warm milk with yeast and a tablespoon of sugar, then set aside.

2. Separately, combine the flour with the remaining sugar, eggs and margarine. Knead the composition well and add the mayo. Continue kneading for 10-12 minutes, or until you get a fine dough, adding flour along the way, if you feel it necessary by hand.

3. Separately combine the ingredients for the filling: jam, walnuts and sugar, until smooth. Grease a pan with margarine and divide the dough into 4 equal parts.

4. Spread a sheet as thin as possible, but not to break. Transfer it to the tray by rolling it on the façade and spread one third of the filling on top.

5. Spread the next sheet, alternating it with the filling and so on, until you get 4 overlapping sheets, with 3 layers of filling. Glue the ends of the sheets together and prick the top sheet with a fork from place to place.

6. Leave the raised Dobos cake covered with a kitchen towel for an hour, then bake for 35 minutes at 170 degrees, or until well browned.

7. Turn the cake upside down, using a second tray and let it cool a bit. Melt the chocolate with the oil and milk and glaze the cake. Leave it to cool, then portion it and serve.

Double cake from an old cookbook

Meter check (or mosaic check), meaning fast, cheap and delicious cake. With the rest of the products I will show you other recipes in the coming days, but this Chocolate Drum is really suitable for a late dinner. Salty, cheap and spicy salty.

Almond Joy, Gardening, Muffins. Thin pandispan tops and thick chocolate cream. The recipe with step-by-step images will help you prepare it at home.

The Dobos Cake recipe was first prepared in 1885, but was made public only in 1995. This Dobos Cake recipe comes from the heart of Hungary, from Budapest, from the famous Ruszwurm confectionery that prepares the cake according to the original recipe.

For cake tops:

Separate the eggs, and beat the egg whites with 2/3 of the amount of added sugar until they harden. The yolks are also mixed together with the remaining amount of sugar. The egg whites are lightly incorporated into the flour and then the yolks.

Divide the dough obtained into 6 equal parts and bake 6 sheets on a greased surface and lined with flour, at 180 degrees, until golden.

Beat the butter until foamy, then add the melted chocolate. Whole eggs are mixed with sugar, starch or vanilla pudding and vanilla sugar in a steam bath. After we have a homogeneous mixture, we take the bowl off the heat, stirring continuously until it is almost cold, after which we add it to the mixture of butter and chocolate.

Grease 5 cake tops with cream and place them on top of each other. The last sheet is cut into triangles and covered with caramelized sugar. It is left to harden and then the Dobos Cake is decorated with them.

A fragrant and dense cream on a cookie sheet

  • 500 gr biscuits (simple)
  • 500 ml liquid cream (fresh)
  • 200 gr butter (or margarine)
  • 5 ml rum essence
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 5 ml rum essence

The cream is prepared very quickly and easily, but it must be made the day before to harden in the refrigerator.

Put the unbeaten cream in a saucepan over low heat, and after a few minutes, when it heats up, add all the broken chocolate in the squares and mix with a small whisk until it melts. Add one cut into pieces and the rum essence, stirring constantly. After about two minutes, take the pan off the heat and continue to mix until the cream is perfectly homogenous. It is soft, but hardens perfectly in a few hours in the refrigerator.

The syrup is prepared from burnt sugar, water and rum essence

Coat a form (cake pan, saucepan, square or round cake shape, etc.) with aluminum foil and lightly grease it with oil or butter. It is easier to work with rectangular shapes.

Place biscuits on the edges and the first layer on the bottom of the form. Before placing each biscuit, briefly soak it in syrup. Spread a layer of cream about 5-6 mm thick, continue with syrupy biscuits, cream again and so on until you finish with a layer of biscuits. Keep the cream for dressing the cake.

Refrigerate for 3-4 hours, then you can turn the cake on a plate. Dress it in cream and decorate with cream, jellies, candied fruit, etc.

Dobos cake is prepared according to a recipe invented by confectioner Carl Jozsef Dobos (1847-1924). He worked for months until he reached the perfection of his final form.

In 1884 Jozsef Dobos was one of the famous confectioners of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The multi-layered cake and caramel was presented with all due pomp at the National Exhibition in Budapest in 1885. At that time, the cake did not have a name, and after the "premiere", everyone called it Dobos Cake.

The then emperor and empress of the Empire were the first to taste it. The success of the cake was far beyond expectations.

Video: Dobos torte. JamilaCuisine (September 2021).